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All items are from scratch and made as close to pickup date as possible. Made with real butter & premium ingredients.

Basic Flavors



Red Velvet


-All with either vanilla or chocolate swiss meringue buttercream

-1 dozen cupcakes = 33.00$ ; 1 flavor per dzn

Cake flavors are the same as cupcakes 

-cake price depends on size, tiers, decorations, etc..

Delivery available for $1.25 per mile

Pickup near Oracle and Orange Grove

Premium Flavors

-Banana cake with banana pudding center and  swiss meringue buttercream

-Black Forest chocolate cake filled with cherry compote, topped with whipped cream, cherry drizzle, and chocolate shavings

-Captain crunch cake topped with cereal milk buttercream and crushed captain crunch berries

-Carrot cake with walnuts, raisins, pineapple, and cream cheese icing

-Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream & crushed reeses pieces

-Chocolate cake with dulce de leche filling and swiss meringue buttercream

-Cinnamon french toast cake with maple buttercream, crumbled bacon, & strawberry glaze

-Coconut cake with coconut meringue buttercream and coconut flakes

-Fruity pebbles cake topped with cereal milk buttercream and crushed fruity pebbles

-Graham cracker cake filled with strawberry compote, topped with cream cheese icing, crushed graham crackers, & strawberry glaze

-Graham cracker cake filled with chocolate ganache topped with marshmallow meringue, and crushed graham crackers

-Cookies n Cream cake with oreo buttercream

-Pistachio cake topped with a salted swiss meringue buttercream and pistachio pieces

-minimum 1 dozen per flavor

-1 dozen cupcakes = 48.00$

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