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All items are from scratch and made as close to pickup date as possible. Made with real butter & premium ingredients.

Decorated Cookies Flavors & Prices

Chocolate Brownie

Cinnamon Roll

Fruity Pebbles


Strawberry Crunch


Base price of cookies are:

Mini 2.5in = 2.75

Small 3in = 3.75

Medium 3.5in = 4.25

Large 4in = 4.75

X-Large 5in = 5.75

Edible Images = .25-1.25 each

-Excessive colors and/or details will add anywhere between .25-3.50 per cookie

-All cookies are individually wrapped and heat sealed to help keep them fresh longer

-Cookies can last 2 weeks room temp. or 3 months in the freezer

Delivery available for $1.25 per mile

Pickup near Oracle and Orange Grove

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