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Blackout Dates

May 27th - june 2nd

we're moving! june 1st we will be located near

coachline and twin peaks rd

Next pop ups

Tucson Trades: 6/29

Tucsom comic con:

8/30 - 9/1

Get a Quote 
12:00 PM

- If you have any reference photos please send them to after sending in your quote.

-Please try to submit form at least 6 days in advance (or more), especially for larger or detailed orders. 

-Full payment will be needed 1 week before order is due for pickup

I use this to purchase ingredients, custom cutters, etc for your orders

-I understand emergencies happen and I'm here to work with you through them, if for any reason you need to cancel please contact me ASAP so we can figure out a solution that works best for both of us

Thanks for submitting!

All items are made in a home kitchen in accordance to AZ cottage food law. Food handlers/ cottage food licenses are available upon request! Psalm 27:1

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